I’m Rudolf Olah, a web developer and software development expert. I started learning how to develop software at the age of 13 and have been developing web apps, websites and desktop applications professionally since 2007.

Software Development Expert

Having almost a decade of experience, I have worked with many different languages and frameworks ranging from C/C++ to Java to Qt and GTK to AngularJS and Ember.JS to Django and Ruby on Rails to Node.js to Common Lisp and Scheme. I have worked on teams at digital marketing/ad agencies and product teams and have worked as a web development consultant on web video and inventory management software. The teams I have worked on have ranged in size from 2 to 15 people.

Given a problem, I will find the best options to pursue a software solution. I have been involved in reviewing code, test automation, Agile, Scrum, setting up JIRA, and improving report generation tools.

I’m comfortable with providing estimates of resources, time and cost needed to complete a software development project and have done so on many projects.

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Leveraging knowledge to create 10x developers

My main focus is on leveraging organizational, team and project knowledge to boost the productivity of team members. This includes constructing and maintaining documentation for onboarding, transitioning projects between two teams.

Most recently, I have developed the internal wiki for an organization to include codelabs (explanations of internal technical details), design patterns, post-mortems, and company culture information. The previous knowledge base was not updated frequently. Thanks to my suggestions, it is updated and used much more frequently. In another case at the same company, a project was transitioned between two teams and it was my responsibility to ensure that there was no productivity loss in that transition. Thanks to the leverage created by the project knowledge and proper documentation, there was no loss of productivity and the project was completed on time.

At one company, I created a wiki site as a knowledge base for the projects they were working on that included the technical details needed to maintain those projects. A few years later, a developer at the company sent me an email thanking me for constructing the knowledge base because it had saved him many days of work on more than one occasion.

A bridge to work with open source communities

I also work on building a bridge between organizations and the world of free/open source software. With the widespread popularity of free/open source software, it is vital for an organization to be able to communicate with the community at large.

I have suggested to organizations that have popular projects that are nearing end-of-life to make them open source and have given them guidance on which licenses are best and communicated to the them the benefits of becoming an open source supporter.

Process/Performance Analysis and Improvement

In the past I have worked on analyzing where performance is lagging in products, and have researched, planned and implemented solutions to improve performance. End users especially for websites and web apps expect snappy performance, today this is true for both retail/consumer and business software.

I have presented at the Toronto Node.js meetup on the topic of performance improvements with Node.js and AngularJS web framework. I recommended and implemented changes to decrease website load times and made further recommendations to the CTO to gain more performance.

In another instance, I analyzed which product pages of an eCommerce site were heavily popular with customers and made recommendations to improve the sales funnel such as creating a micro-site for the popular category and products and increasing the advertising budget.

More recently I have examined the workflow in an Agile/SCRUM organization and recommended process improvements to decrease the time required for testing and quality assurance. Furthermore, I recommended and implemented a virtual machine for developers that decreased the ramp-up time from one week to less than one day. The virtual machine environment has been successfully used by quality assurance testers, product designers, mobile developers and web developers at the organization to quickly get up and running and developing/testing/designing.

Professional Associations

I am member of the ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) because I believe computer science research and practice are vital foundations for the software development industry: the FSF (Free Software Foundation) because without free/libre software and open source we wouldn’t be able to massively reuse code and ideas and reduce costs; and recently become a member of PMI (Project Management Institute) in preparation to take the CAPM exam.