Rudolf Olah

Hi, I’m Rudolf Olah. I help technology leaders train their team in AngularJS, Elm, Ruby on Rails and other web technologies. (I also help web developers up-skill and learn Angular, React and Elm and the leadership skills they need to succeed in their careers).


Rudolf Olah, Software Development Expert

Over the years I have presented at conferences and meetups, written articles on web development technologies, and trained teams in new technologies. In the last few years I have trained a team in Elm, mentored developers in Ruby on Rails and Angular.js, presented at PyCon Canada, and completed the CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) exam.

Check out the presentation I did on “Python as a Philosophy” at PyCon Canada 2017:

What I can help you with:

If you are interested in training for your team, please feel free to email me at

If you are a web developer, I can help you:

  • Upgrade your skills: Angular, Elm, React, Ruby on Rails, Python/Django
  • Upgrade your resume: give you feedback on your resume

I have worked with AngularJS, Ember, Django, Rails Web frameworks and have worked with all sorts of programming languages from C and C++ to Java to Python to Scheme and Common Lisp to Javascript (click here to read more about my software development project expertise).

Learning AngularJS: a newsletter for web developers

logo of Learning AngularJSI send out a newsletter with AngularJS tips for web developers who want to learn AngularJS and to master it. I have sent out newsletters covering tutorials and libraries available for Angular and Angular 2.

Here’s a short video I put together on how to use HTML5 local storage with AngularJS:

Video Course: Learn AngularJS Testing

9781782174899In partnership with Packt Publishing, I wrote and produced the Learning AngularJS Testing video course. The course is an hour long, and viewers learn how to setup their testing environment and write unit and end2end tests that will improve the quality of their projects. I used my experience on AngularJS projects to guide the design of course.

Writer and Speaker

I blog about free/open source at SourceContribute and started the LibrePlanet Ontario group. In the past I restarted the Toronto Lisp/Scheme meetups.

In the past I have presented at Node.js Toronto on performance optimization and using Node.js as an API shim (the slides are available here) and at Software Freedom Day on what open allocation is.