Rudolf Olah, software development expert

Hi, I’m Rudolf Olah, software development expert. I am a software/Web developer, speaker/presenter, writer¬†and career and leadership coach.

Rudolf Olah, Software Development Expert

I’ve been programming for a while and professionally since 2007. I’ve worked with AngularJS, Ember, Django, Rails Web frameworks and have worked with all sorts of programming languages from C and C++ to Java to Python to Scheme and Common Lisp to Javascript (click here to read more about my software development project expertise).

Learning AngularJS: a newsletter for web developers

logo of Learning AngularJSI send out a newsletter with AngularJS tips for web developers who want to learn AngularJS and to master it. I have sent out newsletters covering tutorials and libraries available for Angular and Angular 2.

Video Course: Learn AngularJS Testing

9781782174899In partnership with Packt Publishing, I wrote and produced the Learning AngularJS Testing video course. The course is an hour long, and viewers learn how to setup their testing environment and write unit and end2end tests that will improve the quality of their projects. I used my experience on AngularJS projects to guide the design of course.

Writer and Speaker

I blog about free/open source at SourceContribute and started the LibrePlanet Ontario group. In the past I restarted the Toronto Lisp/Scheme meetups.

Recently I have presented at Node.js Toronto on performance optimization and using Node.js as an API shim (the slides are available here) and at Software Freedom Day on what open allocation is.

Level Up Your Software Development Career

I help developers find better jobs and improve their leadership skills in the jobs that they currently have.

Tech Career Coach

Rudolf is available to coach software developers in many programming languages and frameworks. Some topics that have come up while coaching are: how to build an application in a new language and framework; the architecture of client’s work projects; ways to implement development process improvements; how to incrementally improve code quality.

Tech Career Coaching

Clients have sought to learn how to move on to more exciting and larger and complex projects and how to increase team collaboration skills. These are the skills that team leads, senior developers and software architects absolutely need. Rudolf is available as a software development and tech career coach for developers who wish to learn and improve those skills. You can also hire Rudolf as an agile consultant to get your organization performing at its best and fastest with Agile development methodologies.

I also career coach individual software developers. If you feel like you’re not moving up as quickly as you would like in our field or need some advice on getting a better job or advice on your resume or interview techniques, I can help you with that. In career coaching sessions, we discuss what your career has been like and where you see yourself in the next 2, 5 and 10 years. Do you want to move up the software development career ladder? Or become a manager? Or a consultant? We go over the options and opportunities that await you in your career.

Web Development Training

Yes, I can help you become an awesome web developer with the Angular framework, React or Elm.

AngularJS Training

As the author of the Testing AngularJS video course and having worked on multiple AngularJS projects as a consultant, I have the skills and knowledge to train you in AngularJS 1.x and Angular 2+. The web framework is very hot and is used by everyone from small startups to large enterprises and is fast and easy to work with, not to mention it’s supported by Google.

The AngularJS training sessions are designed to match your learning goals. If you want to learn TypeScript and Rx.js and how to use Angular 2, the training sessions can be customized for that. If you want to upgrade an Angular 1.6 project to Angular 2, we can review how to do that in the sessions.

Elm Programming Training

I have conducted webinars on how to work with the Elm programming language and framework. Elm is a frontend web development language that is functional and promotes higher quality software development practices.

In the webinars, we discuss the basics of the Elm language for JavaScript developers looking to learn the language and then move on to more intensive topics such as how to deploy web applications made with Elm into production. In later training sessions, we discuss web app architecture with Elm and I provide 1-on-1 Elm training and mentoring to ensure that you (or your team) are prepared to work with Elm on a daily basis as part of regular software development.

I have written articles on Elm and how to create applications and components with it, and have conducted a webinar on how to use Elm to create an Instagram clone.

[NEW] Analytics and Metrics For Startups

I help startups keep track of the metrics that matter to their business. We work together to understand the business and outline the analytics that should be watched to know whether business objectives are being reached. I have worked with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, and Optimizely (and other A/B testing frameworks) to design and implement analytics strategies.