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Forget React, Learn AngularJS 2.0 with this video tutorial!

In the last few weeks I’ve been busy preparing AngularJS 2 courses and I’m really excited about the first video tutorial that NeverFriday Software Expertise is releasing.


In this tutorial you learn how to create an AngularJS 2.x project and how to create a comment box directive component. In the React tutorial, they show you how to create a comment box just like on Facebook so I thought, why not show how easily it can be done in AnagularJS 2?

And let me tell you, it was really easy. AngularJS 2 has all the same features you liked in AngularJS but it has a better structure and better modularity. I just made a giant list of differences between Angular 2 vs 1.

Learn AngularJS 2 and create a cool component in less than 30 minutes. Click here to buy the video (prices go up in November so buy it now!)


Categories: AngularJS, Portfolio, Software Development

Writing an AngularJS Tutorial, First Draft is up

The state of the AngularJS tutorials and API docs is not that great. I’ve had to look through two books and many tutorials just to understand the basics and instead of simply complaining, I decided to do something about it.

So here it is, my Learning AngularJS tutorial. It shows you how to setup an AngularJS project, what you need for testing, how to create a controller and how to use some of the more common directives, such as ng-repeat, ng-click, select, ng-bind, and ng-model.

The repo contains an HTML version and an ODT (OpenDocument text) version. There’s also the org-mode file used to create those versions. More importantly, all the code in the tutorial has been done in a literate programming fashion. Whatever you see in the tutorial has been assembled together and fully tested. All of the code is in the repo.

Update July 2017: You can check out the differences between Angular 2/4+ vs AngularJS 1.x here. I am planning on writing another tutorial using the latest version of Angular using the same literate programming style.