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node-oauth-libre 0.9.15 ALPHA

I’m very excited. After starting a fork of node-oauth-libre a month ago, I have implemented a feature that many people have wanted for months: Promises instead of callbacks.

Promises are a way of escaping from Node’s callback hell.

node-oauth-libre now has support for promises thanks to the bluebird library. This support is optional and does not break compatibility with existing uses of node-oauth. To use it, you must explicitly import it.

Click here to check out the release notes for node-oauth-libre 0.9.15 ALPHA. The install and usage instructions are there and a link to some examples.

Here’s an example of using OAuth 1.0 promises:

Using Sequelize with Promises (with and without Q)

Using Sequelize with Promises (with and without Q)

Here is a basic example of using Sequelize with promises using the Q Promises library.

Q is basically a way for you to use Promises in Node.js. You can use it with Sequelize to make it easier to perform the SQL operations through the library.