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ACM partners with Social Coder: volunteer software development

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) has announced that they will be partnering with Social Coder. Social Coder is where software developers can volunteer their skills to help charities and non-profits.

Social Coder aims to match software developers with charities that are working on causes that they care about such as the environment, international aid, education or homelessness. Volunteer software development projects are not only a way to help but a way to build up your own skills and to become more valuable in the job market and in your community. There are a lot of charities that need some technical help. With your software development experience, charities can accomplish much more. You, as a developer, can help make every donation they receive go further in helping others.

I’ve been a member of the ACM since May 2012, so almost 5 years and what caused me to join was their extensive Digital Library which gives you access to some of the most important computer science papers in the industry. I was also sold on the access to Safari Books Online and to the Communications of the ACM which is highly relevant to computer scientists and software development professionals alike.

Join Social Coder To Volunteer Your Skills

I just signed up for Social Coder and encourage other developers to do the same. It’s easy to get started in volunteering. Also, it’s a good way to build up more skills and to practice them in volunteer software development projects.

If you are looking for other volunteer opportunities, check out some local hackathons. I participated in the ArthritisHack, hosted by Hacking Health, which focused on healthcare, charities and volunteering.