Online Business Tools

Here is a selection of the online business tools for content marketing, SEO keyword research, website hosting, blogging, advertising, and analytics.

Content Marketing

Content Production

  • Canva, quick and easy graphic design
  • Buffer, for creating social media posts
  • LibreOffice: Impress for presentations and slidedecks and Writer for documents
  • Google Sheets, Docs and Drive
  • GetResponse for email newsletters and landing pages and surveys

SEO and Keyword research

  • FAQFox, research on questions that people are asking on forums and Reddit based on keywords
  • Keyworddit, research on keywords on Reddit
  • KParser, keyword suggestion from 18 sources
  • Answer The Public, keyword suggestion based on auto-suggest questions from Google and Bing
  • UberSuggest, free keyword suggestions and traffic analyzer showing top pages

SEO analysis and comparison

  • Side-by-side SEO Comparison, compares your web page with another web page so you can see what keywords are on the page (keyword density, headings, amount of text on the page, etc.)
  • SEO Analyzer displays the page load time, how many requests are made and the estimated SEO score
  • Yoast SEO, a plugin for WordPress


  • Google Analytics
  • Google Data Studio
  • Google Search Console
  • built-in stats
  • SocialBlade for monitoring number of followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
  • HotJar, website monitoring to see how users use the website

Website Hosting