Learning AngularJS

Learning AngularJS is a newsletter and video series that aims to teach web developers how to use the AngularJS 1.x and AngularJS 2 web frameworks. There is a community on Facebook for Learning AngularJS.

Check out previous issues of the Learning AngularJS newsletter:

  1. AngularJS Books: covers three books includes excerpts of: Mastering Web Application Development with AngularJS, Pro AngularJS, AngularJS (O’Reilly). includes short list of other books. modules, news, meetups.
  2. Test-Driven Development: unit testing, mocks, mock objects, Full-Spectrum Testing With Karma. modules: karma, jasmine, sinon, mocha, chai.
  3. Primer on AngularJS Services: factories, providers, services, separation of concerns, light controllers, heavy services.
  4. Implementing Authentication: access tokens, REST API, authorization, security.
  5. Testing $resource-based Services: mock objects, ngResource, testing, unit tests, services, factories, separation of concerns, single-responsibility principle
  6. AngularJS 1.3.0 has been released!: angularjs, upgrade, new features, migration, backwards-incompatible
  7. Visualizing AngularJS apps with a diagram: UML, diagrams, dia, visualization, code analysis, in this newsletter we covered how to visualize angular web apps with an automatically generated UML diagram
  8. TypeScript and AngularJS: TypeScript, AngularJS2, transpiling, Javascript-based languages
  9. Creating your first AngularJS 2 app: angularjs2, TypeScript, filters
  10. Architecting a Reusable UI: 3 principles of reusability.
  11. The ng-file-upload directive
  12. angular-translate: internationalization, localization directive for angularjs 1.x
  13. SiberianCMS: create mobile apps that are backed with a CMS, written in AngularJS 1.x, yes it’s possible to use an older version of AngularJS and to keep your build stable

You can view more Learning AngularJS newsletters here: http://newsletters.getresponse.com/archive/learning_angularjs?u=B7a8K

Angular 2 vs 1

Click here to learn about the complete list of differences between AngularJS 2 vs 1.

Creating a comment box directive component in AngularJS 2

AngularJS 2 video tutorial
AngularJS 2 video tutorial

AngularJS 2 Directive: build a component in less than 30 minutes: buy it today for only $40.

Learning AngularJS 1.x Testing

Learning AngularJS Testing

The course is available through O’Reilly, Lynda.com (over 8800 views), Udemy (over 130 students), and Safari Books Online.