AngularJS2 Comment Box Component

angular 2 component videoLearning AngularJS presents: an Angular 2 component video course.

Be on the cutting-edge of web development and web frontend frameworks!

Learn how to create a component and a basic AngularJS 2 project using only JavaScript! It is simple and easy to create a component directive in AngularJS 2.

AngularJS2 Directives and Components

This is the conversion of the React Tutorial into AngularJS2. Learn to create a comment box; display the list of a comments on an article and let the user enter a comment and have that comment appear in the list.

In less than 30 minutes you will learn:

  1. how to setup a basic AngularJS 2 project
  2. how to create a component in AngularJS2
  3. create a comment box directive just like in the React.js tutorial

The video is 10 minutes long and comes with complete source code for you to work with.

Video tutorial structure

  1. Introduction
  2. Project Directory Structure
  3. Package.json
    1. Scripts
    2. Dependencies
    3. Dev Dependencies
  4. Installing Dependencies
  5. Creating the app component
  6. Creating the module to bundle all components
  7. Creating the comment box directive component
    1. CommentBox component template
    2. CommentBox constructor and event handler
  8. Bootstrap JavaScript file
  9. Index.html
    1. Loading Angular Modules
    2. Loading Our Modules
    3. Document Body
  10. The Result!
  11. Conclusion/Wrapping up

This Angular 2 component video course is quick to get started with and gives you the opportunity to build your own boilerplate and project skeleton that you can use to get started quickly on future projects. Using JavaScript means you do not have to learn any new language like TypeScript or Dart, you can get started today with ES6 and Babel (or another transpiler).

Angular 2 is a well-architected web framework that is structured for large-scale single-page applications that are complex but not complicated and the architecture of this new version of the framework is suited for rapid development and for the maintenance work that comes later on.

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