Here's what you will learn:

  1. Setting up a basic AngularJS 2 project
  2. Creating a component in AngularJS 2 similar to the comment box in the React tutorial

AngularJS 2 Comment Box Component Video Tutorial

Learn how to create an AngularJS 2 component in under 30 minutes.

Hi, I'm Rudolf, you may remember me from the video course Learning AngularJS Testing. It was an hour long video course to show you how to create unit tests and integration tests for AngularJS.

This is the first video for AngularJS2 that I'm doing and I'm really proud of this. You will learn to create a component in less than 30 minutes.

This is the first video and there will be more on the way. I want to help you become a great 10x developer in AngularJS 2.

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Starting point for learning AngularJS 2

AngularJS 2 is the latest version of the framework, it's already started to be used widely and there will be new web development projects. With this course, you get a solid starting point to start your journey to learning AngularJS 2.

Don't be left behind!