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Latest Updates – June 2018

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Here are some of the latest updates:

  1. Passed the CAPM Certified Associate in Project Management exam, which means that yes I can manage projects and lead your team.
  2. Produced a (short) video on using Local Storage for caching with AngularJS (this is a supplement to the article I wrote about the subject).
  3. Updated the article on evaluating projects with an infographic
  4. My presentation at PyCon Canada 2017 on Python as a Philosophy has been viewed thousands of times! (Update: the re-posted video at 8,000+ views was removed, the official PyCon Canada link is still up)
  5. Wrote an article on reactive programming with Ruby, Python and JavaScript

More blog posts on Angular, Ruby on Rails, and Reactive Programming are on the way along with articles on coaching and tech leadership!

Rudolf Olah is a software development expert with over 8 years of professional software developer experience. He has produced the video courses "Reactive Programming in Python with RxPy, PyQt5 and Tornado" and "Learning AngularJS Testing" for PacktPublishing. Rudolf offers web development training courses for individual developers and for web development teams. He writes about tech leadership, career coaching and project management.