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I have been making more time for conversations on Twitter and Facebook, feel free to reach out to talk about leadership in the tech industry, software or web development, ecommerce and SEO and digital marketing.

Check out the NeverFriday Facebook page. If you’re interested in team training in Angular, Elm or Ruby on Rails you can send me a message on Facebook Messenger through the NeverFriday page.

Rudolf’s Twitter page is here, I comment on project management, leadership, and the tech industry, and web development. Lately I’ve been talking about AWS (Amazon Web Services), analytics and ecommerce and digital marketing.

The Learning Angular facebook page has more posts about Angular 2/4/5+ and AngularJS, if you can’t get enough of the newsletter.

Author: Rudolf Olah

Rudolf Olah is a software development expert with over 6 years of professional software developer experience. He has produced the video course Learning AngularJS Testing for PacktPublishing and works on the strategic as well as the tactical parts of software and web devleopment.

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