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GraphQL with Node.js and Mongoose/MongoDB

In March 2016, as part of an exploratory project, I worked on an example implementation of GraphQL using MongoDB and Node.js: graphql-server. At the time, the company decided not to go with it. However, it was only a year later that they revisited the idea. They developed a prototype and started to make it part of their core technology strategy. Like other companies, they had multiple mobile apps and 3rd party clients that needed a more performant interface. Something more performant than the REST API they had implemented, which had some performance issues.

Questions & Answers about GraphQL

I’ve also answered some questions on the technology at StackOverflow:

GraphQL is an exciting technology (one of the few that I promote, like Elm and Angular) that promises to make it easier for clients to consume APIs and only receive exactly the data that they need.

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