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SiberianCMS: make amazing mobile AngularJS apps

SiberianCMS, a mobile AngularJS CMS, is a content management system. Much like Drupal or WordPress it is easy to manage a lot of content and to produce a mobile app.

Its most unique feature is that it makes mobile apps. The code will compile into a native Android or iOS/iPhone app with all of the content managed by the SiberianCMS backend. If you ever wanted to quickly create a mobile app, this might be the tool for you. I’m considering using it to lower the effort and cost required to create a mobile shopping app and to use it for hackathons.

Mobile AngularJS

As a CMS, SiberianCMS is very easy to use. With SiberianCMS, you can create new forms and pages with a GUI editor, similar to Drupal. It supports custom RSS feeds for adding content as well.

SiberianCMS is very extensible, there are a lot of great plugins/modules for it. Prices for the plugins range from free to over 150 euros. It’s possible for you to create your own plugins and make some money that way.

The plugins/modules for SiberianCMS include:

  • chat/messaging
  • calendar of events
  • classifieds
  • Uber-like taxi-ordering/navigation system
  • maps and directions
  • quizzes and surveys

The cool thing is that these modules are written in JavaScript and as AngularJS components and modules. You can hack on your own module today!

The code for SiberianCMS is open source so you are free to download it and create your own plugins for it. It uses the Open Software License, which is also used by the highly popular ecommerce engine, Magento.

Stable Frontend Mobile/Web Development Is Possible!

What I like, aside from SiberianCMS itself, is that you can build a stable system on AngularJS 1.x. You don’t have to be subjected to the cycle of frontend web framework churn. How many javascript frameworks exist now anyway?

You are able to build solid products for your startup or community or for yourself that can last for years by sticking to one version of AngularJS. For new projects, the choice isn’t between using Angular 2/4+ or AngularJS 1.6. You also have the option to use AngularJS 1.3 or 1.5 or whatever you’re comfortable with. But you should always upgrade.

However. if you want to maintain stability, AngularJS will help you achieve that. I’ve been a big advocate of Angular 2/4+ lately but it is still fun to work with AngularJS 1.x. Also, for new projects I still consider AngularJS 1.x a practical option.

I recommend you check out SiberianCMS for yourself. See how quickly you can prototype and launch a mobile AngularJS app! Maybe try hacking around their source code too.

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