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Developer Feedback Loop: Elm Vs React article published on

I have published another article on, this time comparing Elm vs React for web development, click here to read it.

The article covers the elm vs react developer feedback loop which is highly important when developing software and web applications. It is also one of the hardest things to get right for web development with the rise of tools like Webpack and Rollup.js and SystemJS.

Elm is a fantastic programming language with an awesome feedback loop. When I was working with Elm, it was really fast to write code, reload it in the browser and test it out. It was quick to verify the code. React also has a pretty good feedback loop. However, React requires more setup with webpack to get started with it.

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I have written about Elm before (and have compared elm vs react before) and have worked on an Instagram clone tutorial in Elm and it was really fun to write. Part of that fun stems from how fast it was to get feedback while developing. The Elm compiler revealed errors in my code almost immediately. If the code was right, I was able to jump back into the browser and test things very quickly.

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