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Presentation: FreedomBox on RaspberryPi

Last weekend I did a technical presentation on the RaspberryPi, a small computer, running the FreedomBox GNU/Linux software.

Click here to download the presentation PDF “FreedomBox on the RaspberryPi”

In the presentation I walked through how to setup and configure the FreedomBox software which includes Tor, Privoxy, IkiWiki, XMPP and other tools.

While this presentation was technical, I am also available to give presentations on the tech industry and leadership in tech. The presentation was one hour long with a question and answer period and a demonstration of the working hardware and software. The key take-aways from my perspective are that it is possible to build something cool with the RaspberryPi within a weekend as a fun project and that it’s valuable to consider personal privacy and security as enablers of freedom and liberty.

Usually in business we strive to reduce risk and protect our data and our clients’ and customers’ data. Sometimes when we use 3rd party services like Slack or Google Drive or Dropbox, we place too much trust in those services. I hope the presentation gave the audience of how few resources are required to dramatically increase the security of data.

For example, instead of using Slack or HipChat, most companies would be better off using XMPP which is secure and encrypted and does allow multi-user chatrooms and channels, and enables the company to keep their chat logs off of the servers of Slack and HipChat. Chat logs are valuable because they can contain passwords and sensitive data. The use of 3rd party chat services like Slack or HipChat presents a risk, one that most companies accept, but others such as health companies cannot accept that risk. FreedomBox on RaspberryPi gives those health companies a viable alternative by allowing them to host their own private and secure chat service.

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