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Marketing content you already have

Great quote from “Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers” by Seth Godin –

At last count ZDNet had more than 250,000 pages of data on their site, with another 500 being added daily. Yet the average visitor to their site looks at a grand total of four pages! Rather than investing in new pages, ZDNet needs to figure out how to have people look at the ones they’ve already got.

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What I’ve read elsewhere about blogging, aka content creation, you start establishing reputation by writing how to articles that are practical, something I’ve done and continue to do.

At this point I think I have enough posts that I can just advertise my posts and update them a bit to keep them relevant and not worry about writing new posts. Yes, Google and other search engines may favour new content over old, but they mainly favour relevant content, some of my blog posts, like the one with virtual box links will be relevant as long as virtual box exists. Others like the ones on Angular.js will need to be updated or rewritten when the next version of Angular comes out. But that’s still far less work than trying to create completely new and fresh articles every week or every month.

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