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Toronto Node.Js Meetup

8 December, 6:30pm at The Working Group 425 Adelaide W. #300, Toronto, ON.

I’m giving a talk there tonight on using Node.js to construct API Shims that interface between the backend and frontend. It’s going to be good. The basic idea is that frontend code has been decoupled from the backend and mainly relies on REST APIs for communication. NodeJS is probably already used by your build process for the frontend. With that decoupling, the space has been opened up for more Node.js usage, because you can introduce an API shim that sits between the frontend and the backend API. Your API shim can add any missing API calls or it can bundle them up to increase performance or it can do anything else needed to improve your frontend. The most important point of having an API shim is that it further decouples you from the backend especially in terms of release processes so your frontend can be deployed more often than the backend (instead of a bi-weekly process you could deploy daily for example).

Anyway, here’s what the other presenters will be presenting about:

Andrew Carreiro (@arcadeerrorwin), Platform Architect at Klick Health will be presenting ‘Building your own Slack bot on the modern AWS stack’. Hop on the Amazon Web Services hype train and learn how to make a serverless slack bot that runs for pennies per month with NodeJS and Amazon services like Lambda and API Gateway. With just a few steps we’ll be able to enter commands into slack and receive pre defined responses.

Adam Winick, Sr. Web/Mobile developer at Real Matters brings ‘Avoiding callback hell with promises’. He’ll be walking us through the concept of promises in node and presenting a scenario illustrating nested callback overload. Adam will then demonstrated the same scenario (much improved) using promises.

Rudolf Olah (@src_contribute) is a Fullstack Software Developer at CanadaHelps. Rudolf will be speaking about ‘Node.js as an API shim’, giving a tutorial on leveraging Node as an API shim between a java REST API and an AngularJS web app.


Rudolf Olah is a software development expert with over 8 years of professional software developer experience. He has produced the video courses "Reactive Programming in Python with RxPy, PyQt5 and Tornado" and "Learning AngularJS Testing" for PacktPublishing. Rudolf offers web development training courses for individual developers and for web development teams. He writes about tech leadership, career coaching and project management.