Currently I’m working with Ember.js, CoffeeScript and Ruby on Rails. It’s pretty great and a nice shift from Python, Django, and plain old jQuery.

I noticed that the AngularJS article on testing with mocks is still very popular. Thanks everyone for reading it, if you use Ember.js I’ll try and put together an article on mocks in Ember and publish it (though I may need to clear it with the company first).

Trying to keep up with side projects and any code submissions that others make like for angularjs-mode, emacs-sos, org-doing, grunt2gulp.js, etc. Thanks for the contributions, it’s really cool to see others use the code.

acmI’ve been reading ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) articles at least once a week, lots of neat computer science things both theoretical and practical. I highly recommend that software developers join the ACM. You get access to the digital library, Safari Books Online, the Communications of the ACM, and discounts for conferences as a member.

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