Working Analog

I find the experience of printing things out and putting them to paper really does help you focus on what’s important and it does remove distractions. Recently I had to do this with the JIRA tickets that I’m working on and I printed out roughly 11 of them. It let me sit away from the screen and think about how many tasks were actually involved in resolving those tickets.

I’ve also been living like it’s the late 2000s and using a Moleskine daily planner and a notebook for notes. I still rely on Evernote and Zendone, but I make sure there’s some kind of duplicate analog version for anything that’s important. The daily planner saved me when my phone battery died and it was the only place where I could see my todo list for the day. I didn’t get a phone charge for 3 hours and those 3 hours would have been wasted if not for the Moleskine.

While at home, working analog is nice too because you can curl up on a couch but, most important, you can dim the lights. The constant brightness of screens everywhere is tiring on the eyes and some days I want a complete break from the screen to rest my eyes.

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