Join the Learning AngularJS community on Facebook!

I’ve created a new Facebook page for the Learning AngularJS community. It’s a public page and I’m posting tutorials there more frequently than on the mailing list.

What’s happening with the mailing list?

The Learning AngularJS mailing list is still up and running.

The Future of Learning AngularJS: Mastering It

While a Facebook community is exciting, what’s more exciting is that I’m figuring out how to create a private members-only group for mastering angularjs.

The goal is for the group to have only serious AngularJS developers as members who want to deep-dive and learn in-depth all of AngularJS and become faster and better at working with it. Instead of waiting on StackOverflow or struggling with performance issues, the group should give answers faster (re-posted to StackOverflow later on of course!)

The other advantage of privacy is that you can share confidential code using gist or pastebin and a limited number of people will see that link.

Other features could be a space for members to share their own guides and articles and ask for review from the private group. Perhaps some curated job postings could appear too. Who knows, we’ll see what people want out of a private group for mastering AngularJS.
All I’m really certain about is that the private group will be on LinkedIn.

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