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I always end up reading about work, whether it’s about the management or business or marketing details or about software development where I make my living.

The Sea The Sea and the Gibson novel are nostalgic throwbacks. I burned through as many science fiction and cyberpunk novels as possible almost a decade ago. The Sea The Sea is something I read when I was younger and I’m just curious to see what I saw in it since it’s a distant memory

Values At Play and Speculative Everything are a little more academic and formal but they’re going to have a huge impact on how designs of video games and the design of other objects happens (well they will have an impact as soon as we get these books into the hands of designers, creatives, product managers, software developers, interaction designers, etc. etc.)

Without the book Making It All Work and Getting Things Done (GTD) I would have been lost on many projects in life and in work. Following the GTD principles of checking, collecting, and finding the next action have helped keep me on track to finish everything. The hard part is getting enough control to gain perspective and plan for the future.

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