grunt2gulp: convert Gruntfiles to Gulp builds

grunt2gulp is a tool for converting Gruntfiles to Gulp.js files.

There’s a new task runner around, Gulp.js, and it’s supposedly very good (haven’t had a chance to try it yet) but there are still many projects using Grunt. If you want to try out Gulp on an existing Grunt-based project, it can be tedious to start rewriting things because Gulp is imperative and based on the idea of streams while Grunt is more declarative.

grunt2gulp a tool for converting Grunt to Gulp.js files
Click here to check out the source code for grunt2gulp on Github.

grunt2gulp.js helps make the transition from Grunt to Gulp. I used the files on this blog post as a test case, and I also used a Gruntfile from a strongloop project as a test case. Both test cases are included in the examples directory.

What I like about gulp from what I saw is that it’s a wrapper around orchestrator and vinyl-fs and it’s straight-forward. Grunt is monolithic from what I’ve seen and I think moving to Gulp will be a good move over the long-term. However, I think there is still a place for a declarative sort of task configuration file.


In any case, if you’re trying to move to Gulp from Grunt, check out grunt2gulp! Feedback would be great, and patches would be awesome.

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2017 Update: grunt2gulp is still being used but it seems now that people are moving from Grunt and Gulp to webpack (or SystemJS or Rollup.js). Gulp is still a very cool build tool to use and I recommend that people move away from Grunt as soon as possible on to more modern tools like Gulp and Webpack and Rollup.js.

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