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A Primer on AngularJS Services

The article is by Michael Herman it’s a very nice short article on how to use AngularJS services.

The article talks about what a service is and how to create one. It’s very well done and the code is easy to follow and understand.

When you’re first starting with AngularJS it can be tempting to put a lot of functionality into a controller, but you should be separating concerns and moving some of that functionality into separate services that the controller uses. Even for small apps, it’s good to get into the habit of creating separate services.

As Michael says,

“If your controller is handling more than just defining the scope or initial state of your app, connecting your models and views, then it’s are probably doing too much.”

The article is a prime example of great documentation of a core AngularJS feature.

Read the article

See a demo of the code in action.

Hope this article helps you a lot on your journey to become an AngularJS master!

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