Started creating a game in javascript

I spotted the game Uplink on sale on Steam and bought it. I’ve had a copy of the game a long time ago and it was awesome. I didn’t get far into it but damn it was cool, the interface, the missions, the whole thing.

So I was brainstorming a few months ago on how to improve my C++ skills and decided on writing a clone of the game. This attempted before using the D programming language, and we called it freelink. It didn’t get very far.

Then I realized that my main skills, the skills I’ve been working with a lot in the last 5 years are web-related; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Django, Ruby on Rails, etc. Because I know these technologies well enough, I feel that I can develop the game more rapidly using JavaScript.

Here’s what I started with: the map interface for BloodFox Net. You click the map shortcut in the top-right, it opens up a larger map where you can select the servers to connect to.

I’m working on setting up the backend right now, going to add at least one mission and a basic computer rig setup. Since this is a social game, you can view other players’ rigs. I kinda want to have a lot of customizability for the rig; different coloured computers, different sizes, maybe different looks for the cooling, an inside view of the computer so that you can have different looks for the graphics card, cpu, etc……..But for now, I’ll settle on just being able to hack a single server without getting caught and getting a reward and a “share with friends” pop-up 😉

I’m using the Wikipedia entry on Social Network games to guide some of the features that will be in the game. I’m aiming for a game that you can hop on for up to 30min to have fun. Something to do during breaks like all other social games:

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