July, 2009

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Relative Timing With Org-Mode

I have been re-arranging my TODO lists using Emacs’s Org-Mode and when I realized that it could calculate the exact hours taken for a bunch of tasks, I felt I should explore the rest of the Org-Mode manual and see what else I had been missing out on. Org-Mode allows you toRead More

Composable Regular Expressions and Fields

Martin Fowler wrote a brief article about composing regular expressions in order to make it easier to deal with individual “tokens” and to give them structure. As noted by a reddit commenter, string constants can be a bit unwieldly to deal with and will break. Scheme Shell solves this problem with anRead More

TechCrunch, FasterWeb, Lack of Proper Journalism

Warning: I’m not editing this or re-reading it after writing it. This is a rant though I hope it contains something useful in it. TechCrunch, a popular tech. news website, posted an article by MG Siegler on how “FasterWeb Wants To Make The Entire Web Up to Ten Times Faster InRead More