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React vs Elm: Creating a comment box component in Elm

I recently published an article on CodeMentor.io titled “Building a Facebook-like comment box: a React tutorial in Elm” where I use the Elm programming language to essentially duplicate the React.js tutorial. The article has code examples and a step-by-step on installing Elm, running the Elm Reactor and then writing theRead More

Use JSON in Perl 6, article published

I wrote an article for codementor.io on how to use JSON in Perl 6. It’s a good tutorial and introduction to Perl 6 which hasn’t seen wide adoption yet. It’s a solid language which has had a lot of thought put into it and the libraries that exist for itRead More

Writing an AngularJS Tutorial, First Draft is up

The state of the AngularJS tutorials and API docs is not that great. I’ve had to look through two books and many tutorials just to understand the basics and instead of simply complaining, I decided to do something about it. So here it is, my Learning AngularJS tutorial. It showsRead More

PyCharm: Markdown mode can display a Preview

I just discovered something great and something that will help me document projects. Sometimes I wonder how the README of a project will look on github or bitbucket and the only way for me to check is to push my changes, fire up the browser, go to the repo andRead More

Tracking Progress and Learning From Top Performers

Tracking Progress and Learning From Top Performers Some nice quotes in here: if you want to improve your own performance, you need to hang around people who are top performers. If you want to be a better student, scholar, scientist, entrepreneur, or whatever, then surround yourself with the best peopleRead More

What The Macintosh Took Away

Update: I found a copy of the essay here but it appears to be a reprint with a different title, “Time To Liberate The Web”. Same content though, so it doesn’t matter. I found an essay by Ted Nelson titled “Way Out Of The Box”, and it’s about limitations imposed by technical-minded people onRead More

TechCrunch, FasterWeb, Lack of Proper Journalism

Warning: I’m not editing this or re-reading it after writing it. This is a rant though I hope it contains something useful in it. TechCrunch, a popular tech. news website, posted an article by MG Siegler on how “FasterWeb Wants To Make The Entire Web Up to Ten Times Faster InRead More