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PHPUnit Essentials Book Review

PHPUnit Essentials would have come in handy while on a recent contracting gig and on all the other PHP projects I’ve worked on. The book is published by Packt Publishing who seem to be the new O’Reilly, the last book I bought from them was on AngularJS and it wasRead More

Front-end Consulting Work

Here are some sites that I worked on in 2010 and 2011.

pitching an idea according to “The Year Without Pants: WordPress.com and the Future of Work” by Scott Berkun

To pitch an idea successfully is often possible only in informal, intimate situations. The same goes for speaking the deepest truths and having them heard. Almost no one can convince an entire conference room of coworkers with a speech. That happens only in the movies. Some things are never said,Read More

Switching the old blog over to wordpress

My current personal blog is self hosted, running on Drupal, at http://neverfriday.com/ and it’s been tedious to add new content. Hopefully because I’m using the wordpress app on my nexus 4 that I’ll be posting more often than before. First thing I have to do is import my old blogRead More