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Common AngularJS Project Structures

Common AngularJS Project Structures Just a page documenting some AngularJS project structures that I’ve seen on github and in tutorials and books and other articles. Instead of trying to provide a one-size-fits-all project like angular-seed does, it’s better just to document what’s out there and let people choose what makesRead More

Bower for package management, it makes sense now

I finally see the point of using Bower for package management for front-end web development. It’s made for larger projects where you’re going to be upgrading components every few months and the dependencies really need to be managed for that. I’ve worked on relatively small web sites and web applicationsRead More

Java Applets and Wikipedia

There is a proposal to allow the inclusion of Java applets into Wikipedia to increase interactivity. What this says to me is that the Web is not enough and that it is mainly a document system. Instead, the Wikipedians should build a proper desktop application for viewing Wikipedia articles and then separateRead More

TechCrunch, FasterWeb, Lack of Proper Journalism

Warning: I’m not editing this or re-reading it after writing it. This is a rant though I hope it contains something useful in it. TechCrunch, a popular tech. news website, posted an article by MG Siegler on how “FasterWeb Wants To Make The Entire Web Up to Ten Times Faster InRead More