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node-oauth-libre 0.9.15 ALPHA

I’m very excited. After starting a fork of node-oauth-libre a month ago, I have implemented a feature that many people have wanted for months: Promises instead of callbacks. Promises are a way of escaping from Node’s callback hell. node-oauth-libre now has support for promises thanks to the bluebird library. ThisRead More

Top 3 Influential AngularJS Bloggers

UPDATE: I forgot someone on this very brief list! Ben Nadel Ben Nadel has been writing AngularJS articles for…since forever (2012) it looks like and in great depth too. He wrote a good article covering performance of $scope.evalAsync and even wrote his own replacement for $resource/ngResource called httpi. 1. ToddRead More

Compromised data notes

(The following are my notes made from attending the morning of day 1 of the Comprised Data Colloquium, 28 October 2013)


follow_redirects I wrote a small utility tool for following HTTP redirects. Needed it for testing the redirects from a desktop site to a mobile site and for testing redirections when using URL shortening services. Came in handy and let me learn how to use the Python Requests library which isRead More

Twitter, bandwagon, Magritte and Seaside

I jumped on the micro-blogging/messenging bandwagon a while ago and if you’re interested, you can follow me on or twitter. The feed is mainly for programming chatter while the twitter feed is more general… Right now I am trying to figure out the Magritte description classes for use in Seaside (a webRead More