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Defcon DC416 Meetup

Attended the Toronto Defcon DC416 meetup last week Wednesday, the presentations were on Stuxnet, data mining of virus/malware signatures, and lockpicking. The lockpicking demonstration was a workshop where you could take a try at lockpicking two small doors with different grades of locks. It was packed and the audience wasRead More

Did a talk at Software Freedom Day in Toronto on “Open Source, Open Allocation”

Click here to see more information about software freedom day in Toronto. The talk was on 19 September 2015. Open allocation: people get to decide what to work on and how. Gives people an opportunity to contribute to strategy, business objectives, etc. It’s bottom-up in terms of organization hierarchy. ClosedRead More

Star tries to ensure respectful online discourse: Public editor

“Star tries to ensure respectful online discourse: Public editor” – Setting up a community code of conduct is a really good idea. Setting an expectation that you can refer to should greatly help people constrain their own opinions to less hateful commenting. I’d prefer clever insults than the lowRead More