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Stylelint Rules: How To Write Your Own Rules

When working with CSS, developers usually don’t think about running a linter on the stylesheets. We usually use linters on C or C++ or JavaScript codebases but we don’t often think about whether or not it’s even possible to lint a CSS stylesheet and enforce certain coding standards and rulesRead More

The Software Estimation Struggle

Software estimation research is … improving estimation techniques so that sophisticated organizations can achieve project results +-5% of estimate results… …the typical software organization is not struggling to improve its estimates from +-10% to +-5% accuracy. The typical software organization is struggling to avoid estimates that are incorrect by 100%Read More

SEMAT Kernel Example – walking through a small task

I’ve been reading the SEMAT Kernel book, The Essence of Software Engineering: Applying the SEMAT Kernel, and it provides a new way of managing software development projects. It’s supposed to make it easy to check the health of a project by classifying the major components, known as Alpha states inRead More

Managing Software Engineers – Philip Greenspun 2002

Managing Software Engineers – Philip Greenspun 2002 I submitted this article a long time to reddit, and it still has lots of great advice in it. Some great quotes in there: Negative reinforcement can work if the organization is extremely tightly managed, if the consequences are small and immediate (usuallyRead More

Seven signs of dysfunctional engineering teams

Seven signs of dysfunctional engineering teams Preference for process over tools Excessive deference to the leader or worse, founder Unwillingness to confront technical debt Not invented here syndrome Disinterest in sustaining a Just Culture Monoculture