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4 Things To Know About Teamwork

Here are the four things to know about teamwork: When the situation is tense, call a timeout, it’s the only thing that will work Information needs to be as close as possible to the team members that can make use of it Be aware of the message you’re sending asRead More

Setting Clear Priorities

To be a tech leader, rather than just a manager, you have to set clear priorities. There are two ways to do this and they apply in different situations.

How to apply cause and effect diagrams in IT and Software Development

Cause and effect diagrams, also known as Ishikawa diagrams, are one of 7 basic tools of quality. You won’t see them used very often in software development or IT projects though they should be. So today we’re going through what cause and effect diagrams are, why they’re useful, an exampleRead More

The Software Estimation Struggle

Software estimation research is … improving estimation techniques so that sophisticated organizations can achieve project results +-5% of estimate results… …the typical software organization is not struggling to improve its estimates from +-10% to +-5% accuracy. The typical software organization is struggling to avoid estimates that are incorrect by 100%Read More

The Chaos Report: a non-existent software crisis?

The Non-Existent Software Crisis: Debunking the Chaos Report I don’t agree with the article and the survey questions to me are flawed, however I cannot respond to it yet until I’ve finished reading Software Development Failures 😉

SEMAT Kernel Example – walking through a small task

I’ve been reading the SEMAT Kernel book, The Essence of Software Engineering: Applying the SEMAT Kernel, and it provides a new way of managing software development projects. It’s supposed to make it easy to check the health of a project by classifying the major components, known as Alpha states inRead More

Presentation: Git Workflow

This is a presentation I wanted to give at work but never found the time (nor did it seem there would be any interest, the git branching model there has been chosen and is firmly in place). The presentation shows there are multiple branching models and that each one isRead More

django-registration doesn’t have the best maintenance

I’ve been looking at using the django-registration library at work for one of our projects and initially, I was very very pleased. The project is written by a Django core developer so the code itself is excellent and the documentation is up-to-date and there are many others using it soRead More

Effective Technical Leadership

Effective Technical Leadership Attributes of an effective technical lead: Knowledge Speed Awareness Activities: Block Unblock Redirect Decide Show Some key actions: Help create and stack rank project priorities Define best practices for issue tracking Coach other engineers Review code in detail and provide useful feedback Shield engineers from management whenRead More

Generating a Culture of Code Documentation

Generating a Culture of Code Documentation This is from a presentation given at the Write the Docs conference, Cutter’s experience is that SMEs fall into three categories in roughly equal proportion: eager to help, willing to help (with guidance in the form of templates and direction), and curmudgeons. …You asRead More