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Managing Software Engineers – Philip Greenspun 2002

Managing Software Engineers – Philip Greenspun 2002 I submitted this article a long time to reddit, and it still has lots of great advice in it. Some great quotes in there: Negative reinforcement can work if the organization is extremely tightly managed, if the consequences are small and immediate (usuallyRead More

About Workplace Anarchy

The blog of Guile co-maintainer, Andy Wingo, has a series of blog posts detailing how the Igalia workers’ co-operative works: no master but that would be anarchy! time for money This is a very interesting subject as there are few workers’ co-operatives in existence…or maybe there are a lot ofRead More

Effective Technical Leadership

Effective Technical Leadership Attributes of an effective technical lead: Knowledge Speed Awareness Activities: Block Unblock Redirect Decide Show Some key actions: Help create and stack rank project priorities Define best practices for issue tracking Coach other engineers Review code in detail and provide useful feedback Shield engineers from management whenRead More

Are coders worth it?

Are coders worth it? This salary is ridiculous: On Thursday night I got an unexpected email. It was a job offer, and these were the terms: $150,000 in salary, a $10,000 signing bonus, stock options, a free gym membership, excellent health and dental benefits, a new cellphone, and free lunchRead More

Walking to work

Walking to work is something I’ve done once. Previously my commute was around 45 minutes on the subway. Then I moved to a place that’s on the same subway line as my workplace and the commute was cut down to 30 minutes. The only way for me to shorten thatRead More