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org-doing spotted in the wild!

Someone posted a nice blog about org-doing: It’s neat, they provided their own example. It’s in Japanese but you can read the translation by selecting your language in the left sidebar. Really cool, they have some more screenshots. This was just a small thing I hacked up based onRead More

Getting organized with ZenDone :-)

I think I may have found a good GTD mobile app which also works well on the web. It’s called ZenDone and it integrates with Evernote and Google Calendar. I usually use Emacs and org-mode but it’s been hard to get that working with mobile and across devices. With org-modeRead More

Making Emacs Work For Me I love this. The dot-emacs (~/.emacs) file is an org-mode file that’s been weaved and tangled into the final product. This allows for a more logical grouping of configuration settings.

Writing an AngularJS Tutorial, First Draft is up

The state of the AngularJS tutorials and API docs is not that great. I’ve had to look through two books and many tutorials just to understand the basics and instead of simply complaining, I decided to do something about it. So here it is, my Learning AngularJS tutorial. It showsRead More

Relative Timing With Org-Mode

I have been re-arranging my TODO lists using Emacs’s Org-Mode and when I realized that it could calculate the exact hours taken for a bunch of tasks, I felt I should explore the rest of the Org-Mode manual and see what else I had been missing out on. Org-Mode allows you toRead More