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Why & How I Write Java

Interesting read, somehow I can’t handle too much Java, I always get tripped up by the primitiveness of it (even when using an IDE like Intellij IDEA which I own a license for). Copying JAR files around or making sure that the XML config files are written correctly is somethingRead More

rant: ugh nodejs and npm and test runners

NPM’s search really is awful. Especially on the command-line, it appears to scrape the website and doesn’t seem to cache much. It’s slower than apt-get. I switched to using the web interface to search for packages but then I realized that it has no way of sorting or filteringRead More

Friends don’t let friends pipe to sh

Friends don’t let friends pipe to sh. Finally, someone else agrees that you shouldn’t be piping to your shell to install anything. NPM uses this method, dislike it.

Installing NPM from NodeJS source

The latest versions of NodeJS apparently come with npm. Here’s how to install it. Download nodejs source:¬† Decompress it: tar zxvf node-x.y.z.tar.gz Enter the deps/npm directory: cd node-x.y.z/deps/npm Run the standard install process: ./configure make sudo make install You can also use `make latest` to install the latest version ofRead More