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Hotspots Tool

I created a tool on the Django admin for positioning hotspots on an image. Hotspots on an image are points that can be clicked which will then display a pop-up with more information. I created this because we had maybe 50+ hotspots to place. Without the tool it would beRead More

Snippet of AngularJS for data models

Evil Trout has a blog post comparing AngularJS to EmberJS and one of the examples seems off from what I understand so far about AngularJS. It’s in the section, “What’s wrong with JavaScript primitives as models?” where the concept of the model is compared. The example in the blog postRead More

AngularJS vs EmberJS Notes

Just watched a video from Norwegian Developers Conference, “EmberJS vs AngularJS” and it’s a code battle between two developers (one of whom is the lead developer of EmberJS) demonstrating the basics of each framework. The AngularJS code wasn’t as good as it could have been.