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Why & How I Write Java

Interesting read, somehow I can’t handle too much Java, I always get tripped up by the primitiveness of it (even when using an IDE like Intellij IDEA which I own a license for). Copying JAR files around or making sure that the XML config files are written correctly is somethingRead More

Mapping Django ideas to Java, Servlets and Struts

It’s been weird to consider the concepts in Java with servlets and the Struts web framework since I’ve been using Django and Python for the last year. So I posted a question on Stackoverflow with an answer that describes how some Django concepts translate into Java web development concepts.

Java Applets and Wikipedia

There is a proposal to allow the inclusion of Java applets into Wikipedia to increase interactivity. What this says to me is that the Web is not enough and that it is mainly a document system. Instead, the Wikipedians should build a proper desktop application for viewing Wikipedia articles and then separateRead More

Composable Regular Expressions and Fields

Martin Fowler wrote a brief article about composing regular expressions in order to make it easier to deal with individual “tokens” and to give them structure. As noted by a reddit commenter, string constants can be a bit unwieldly to deal with and will break. Scheme Shell solves this problem with anRead More