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Intro to Magit, Emacs mode for git

“An introduction to Magit, an Emacs mode for Git” –


GitStats GitStats is a tool for generating statistics for git repositories. I was looking for graphs on BitBucket that are similar to the nice commit graphs on GitHub but they didn’t have them. GitStats is written in Python and uses GNU Plot.

Response to “The State of Github’s Code Reviews”

Justin Abrahms has written an article discussing the current state of code reviewing when using Github. GitHub, the current de facto standard for this [code language=”reviews”][/code] , is letting us down. This is a huge WTF for me. Github isn’t the standard; gerrit, reviewboard, rietveld are. I like how issuesRead More

Presentation: Git Workflow

This is a presentation I wanted to give at work but never found the time (nor did it seem there would be any interest, the git branching model there has been chosen and is firmly in place). The presentation shows there are multiple branching models and that each one isRead More