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About Workplace Anarchy

The blog of Guile co-maintainer, Andy Wingo, has a series of blog posts detailing how the Igalia workers’ co-operative works: no master but that would be anarchy! time for money This is a very interesting subject as there are few workers’ co-operatives in existence…or maybe there are a lot ofRead More

Learning JsonCpp

Learning JsonCpp: a C++ JSON parser tutorial Update (29 July 2013): I tagged v1.0.0 of the code on github. It loads and saves a JSON file properly. I ran into a weird issue with iterators but I think that’s my own fault for not completely understanding how to reference/dereference them. I’mRead More

django-registration doesn’t have the best maintenance

I’ve been looking at using the django-registration library at work for one of our projects and initially, I was very very pleased. The project is written by a Django core developer so the code itself is excellent and the documentation is up-to-date and there are many others using it soRead More

GMail Inbox tabs and category labels

GMail Inbox tabs and category labels Just switched to them, they’re kinda sorta awesome. I wish that Thunderbird had this feature and other free/open source mail clients.

First code patch submission in a long time…

UPDATE: It got in, the patch was reviewed, updated and added to the main code base. The developer even added my name to the credits! I submitted an issue to the Django Rest Framework project. There was a bit of a problem with the documentation’s example not reflecting the code.Read More

HowTo: Set up a Page to Promote Your Organization’s Free/Open Source Contributions

HowTo: Set up a Page to Promote Your Organization’s Free/Open Source Contributions How do you get others to acknowledge your organization’s contributions in the free/open source ecosystem? How do you earn a reputation for using and developing high-quality software? The first step is to set up a simple web page listing yourRead More

Free Software Supporter #18 announces some recent GNU software releases

Free Software Supporter is a newsletter run by the FSF (Free Software Foundation) and in it they have a section announcing a few software releases from the GNU project. However, they do not seem to provide any description of the projects aside from their name and version. I guess this is okay since FreeRead More