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Developer Feedback Loop: Elm Vs React article published on CodeMentor.io

I have published another article on CodeMentor.io, this time comparing React vs Elm for web development, click here to read it. The article covers the elm vs react developer feedback loop which is highly important when developing software and web applications. It is also one of the hardest things to getRead More

instagram clone in elm

Instagram clone in Elm

CodeMentor has published the first part of my tutorial on creating an Instagram clone in Elm. It covers how to create nested components and the basic life cycle and architecture of Elm frontend web apps. I am seeing more power and usability in the Elm programming language and it hasRead More

React vs Elm: Creating a comment box component in Elm

I recently published an article on CodeMentor.io titled “Building a Facebook-like comment box: a React tutorial in Elm” where I use the Elm programming language to essentially duplicate the React.js tutorial. The article has code examples and a step-by-step on installing Elm, running the Elm Reactor and then writing theRead More