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Forget React, Learn AngularJS 2.0 with this video tutorial!

In the last few weeks I’ve been busy preparing AngularJS 2 courses and I’m really excited about the first video tutorial that NeverFriday Software Expertise is releasing. In this tutorial you learn how to create an AngularJS 2.x project and how to create a comment box directive component. In theRead More

Response to Bret Victor’s “Meanwhile At” page Bret Victor explains how he feels about and translates the quotes that promote programming into what he thinks they really mean. The reasons to learn how to code from a young age according to the interpretation are: Your country needs a lot of code for some reason. Also,Read More

PLATO and the TUTOR programming language manual

I was reading a bit about┬áPLATO, a computer system for computer-aided instruction, and it is astonishingly old. It was around in the 70s, the 80s, etc. The language originally used for creating lessons and tutorials was called┬áTUTOR. I’ve been extremely curious about the language since I first read about itRead More