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BloodFox Net Hacking a Server Interface Mockup

In the game BloodFox Net you have to crack into servers to complete missions. I’ve tried to figure out the best way to represent this and I’m using Uplink and Hacker Evolution Duality as references. In the game Uplink, there’s timing; the people guarding the server will try to traceRead More

BloodFox NET main interface mockup

I feel like this is what a simplified/social gaming version of Uplink would look like. The missions are in the top left and you earn money to do them. There’s also an energy meter (top-left, the clock symbol) which regenerates slowly so that you can’t play the game for moreRead More

Started creating a game in javascript

I spotted the game Uplink on sale on Steam and bought it. I’ve had a copy of the game a long time ago and it was awesome. I didn’t get far into it but damn it was cool, the interface, the missions, the whole thing. So I was brainstormingRead More