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Getting organized with ZenDone :-)

I think I may have found a good GTD mobile app which also works well on the web. It’s called ZenDone and it integrates with Evernote and Google Calendar. I usually use Emacs and org-mode but it’s been hard to get that working with mobile and across devices. With org-modeRead More

Switching the old blog over to wordpress

My current personal blog is self hosted, running on Drupal, at and it’s been tedious to add new content. Hopefully because I’m using the wordpress app on my nexus 4 that I’ll be posting more often than before. First thing I have to do is import my old blogRead More

Checking out “Pocket” for Android I’m finally starting to see the need for an app like Pocket. It saves pages to your phone so you can view them later. Keeping open a boatload of tabs in Chrome and Firefox and then forgetting to read them…. Ugh, ya know?