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How to apply cause and effect diagrams in IT and Software Development

Cause and effect diagrams, also known as Ishikawa diagrams, are one of 7 basic tools of quality. You won’t see them used very often in software development or IT projects though they should be. So today we’re going through what cause and effect diagrams are, why they’re useful, an exampleRead More

Let’s Code: Test-Driven JavaScript Latest videos: Testing Android, iOS, IE, and more Automating Karma (test runner) Cross-Brower Tests The creator of the series, James Shore, also wrote a fantastic book on agile development The Art of Agile (free to read online).

The Software Estimation Struggle

Software estimation research is … improving estimation techniques so that sophisticated organizations can achieve project results +-5% of estimate results… …the typical software organization is not struggling to improve its estimates from +-10% to +-5% accuracy. The typical software organization is struggling to avoid estimates that are incorrect by 100%Read More

Toronto Agile Tour 2013

Toronto Agile Tour 2013 thoughtworks is sponsoring this one, looks nifty and the price is only $110 for the day. Fairly cheap compared to a lot of other conferences and of course if you live in the city you don’t have to pay for a room at a hotel heh.

Presentation: Git Workflow

This is a presentation I wanted to give at work but never found the time (nor did it seem there would be any interest, the git branching model there has been chosen and is firmly in place). The presentation shows there are multiple branching models and that each one isRead More

Alternatives to Acceptance Testing

Alternatives to Acceptance Testing I like the goal of eliminating defects while you’re writing code rather than fix bugs later on. When it comes to testing, my goal is to eliminate defects. At least the ones that matter. (Netscape 4.01 users, you’re on your own.) And I’d much rather prevent defects than findRead More

Agile and user expectations

From this article on IT World, “Why your users hate agile (and what you can do about it)”, come some answers and strategies for dealing with user/customer/client expectations: 7 tips for making Agile more palatable to users Find ways to give users some sense of predictability Earn trust incrementally ExplainRead More