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Looking for a blog about open source and Linux?

Check out my other blog at SourceContribute where I blog about free/libre open source software, GNU/Linux, encryption, BitCoin and other peer2peer technologies.

Software Freedom Day – 19 September 2015

Reading about the beginnings of screencasting

I didn’t realize that screencasting was becoming popular in the 2005-2008 years. Maybe it was DHH’s Rails screencast where he created a blog in 15 minutes using Ruby on Rails that really kicked things off. Jon Udell has many articles on screencasting but this one’s great on the fact thatRead More

Free/Open Source ELearning Management Systems: Moodle vs Sakai

Moodle and Sakai are good choices for setting up online courses and possibly for MOOCs. I’ve been looking at CoursePress, a plugin for WordPress. All solid choices and easy to get started with.

Protractor and Dropdowns: validation

Two Come Along at Once

Getting Started with Apache Cassandra