Coming Soon: Learning AngularJS 2 Videos

I’m developing video courses and video tutorials for the AngularJS 2 framework. The new framework is made to work with the JavaScript, TypeScript and Dart programming languages.

learning angularjs2 video tutorial to create a comment box

The first AngularJS 2 video tutorial is on creating a simple comment box component in AngularJS 2 using plain JavaScript. It will be out soon and for those of you signed up to the Learning AngularJS newsletter, you will be receiving a discount code. There’s also a Learning AngularJS Facebook page you can subscribe to.

Each video download will include the code that was used so you can try it out yourself.

The next video tutorials will cover how to contact HTTP services and REST APIs with AngularJS 2 and how to do some unit testing. The larger video course after the tutorials will consist of a whole web app being created.

I’m very excited and can’t wait to release the video tutorial. It’s similar to the React tutorial of creating a comment box, and it felt fun to do it in AngularJS 2. The next AngularJS 2 video tutorials and video courses will be on unit testing and how to create larger-scale single-page applications. Some of the videos will use TypeScript and others will use Dart and of course plain JavaScript (ES6/Babel) developers won’t be left out. It’s more work but I think it’s worth it.