June, 2016

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5 reasons managers are addicted to “fixing” – and how to recover

This is an excellent article on why a fixer mentality is common among new managers. A fixer goes over the work of someone else and fixes it to match their standards, or they take on the work themselves entirely. This is bad because it isn’t delegation and shows a lowerRead More

Defcon DC416 Meetup

Attended the Toronto Defcon DC416 meetup last week Wednesday, the presentations were on Stuxnet, data mining of virus/malware signatures, and lockpicking. The lockpicking demonstration was a workshop where you could take a try at lockpicking two small doors with different grades of locks. It was packed and the audience wasRead More

Perfect demonstration of the necessity of metaprogramming

An employee at SoundCloud has a guide on writing React.js and Redux. The current SoundCloud app is written in Angular.js 1.x and they have their own flux-like library. The guide is a guide on how to build a SoundCloud client web app using React.js and Redux. It’s a perfect demonstrationRead More

How to apply cause and effect diagrams in IT and Software Development

Cause and effect diagrams, also known as Ishikawa diagrams, are one of 7 basic tools of quality. You won’t see them used very often in software development or IT projects though they should be. So today we’re going through what cause and effect diagrams are, why they’re useful, an exampleRead More

Full Stack Toronto June 2016 Meetup

A few days ago I attended the Full Stack Toronto meetup. The theme of this meetup was Celebrating Pride in Tech. The first speaker, James Wilkinson (executive director of Full Stack Toronto), spoke about front-end web development optimizations. What was really cool was the overview of the tools that areRead More

Slides for Open Source, Open Allocation talk given at 2015 Software Freedom Day

I just posted the slides for the talk I did at Software Freedom Day on 19 September 2015. The topic was open source and open allocation and how the two relate and how the future of companies is to mirror the open source development methodology. Open allocation allows workers toRead More

Goodhart’s Law and Why Measurement is Hard — ribbonfarm

Let me make this concrete. Schools care about test scores, but only because they measure learning. It’s only a measure, until you use it to determine graduation requirements. Investors care about bond ratings, but only because they measure risk of default. It’s only a measure, until you use it toRead More