September, 2015

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Free Book on Software Engineering

A good read and insightful.

Did a talk at Software Freedom Day in Toronto on “Open Source, Open Allocation”

Click here to see more information about software freedom day in Toronto. The talk was on 19 September 2015. Open allocation: people get to decide what to work on and how. Gives people an opportunity to contribute to strategy, business objectives, etc. It’s bottom-up in terms of organization hierarchy. ClosedRead More

Working Locally With Microservices

gcal-invoice/MountainView Invoice coding update

So I shared gcal-invoice/MountainView Invoice with a few people and they looked at the code and thought it was pretty good (I think, ha. ha.) and I realized that I’ve neglected the project for too long because it wasn’t even possible to hit a running copy of the web app.Read More

Code Example Automation and My First Open Source Merge

Absorbing Another Project I’m going to merge/take-over the code snippets from angular-snippets.el into angularjs-mode. The easy route was referring people to the website for angular-snippets and letting them choose if they want a bigger library of code snippets for AngularJS to work with. However I realized that the utility ofRead More

Software Freedom Day – 19 September 2015

Let’s Code: Test-Driven JavaScript Latest videos: Testing Android, iOS, IE, and more Automating Karma (test runner) Cross-Brower Tests The creator of the series, James Shore, also wrote a fantastic book on agile development The Art of Agile (free to read online).

Reading about the beginnings of screencasting

I didn’t realize that screencasting was becoming popular in the 2005-2008 years. Maybe it was DHH’s Rails screencast where he created a blog in 15 minutes using Ruby on Rails that really kicked things off. Jon Udell has many articles on screencasting but this one’s great on the fact thatRead More

grunt2gulp.js: JavaScript to CoffeeScript?

So I don’t know if anyone is actively following the development of grunt2gulp.js but I decided to be a little more active in working on it. A week ago at work someone mentioned CoffeeScript and it’s a good time to check it out. I initially used it a long timeRead More