April, 2015

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Jasmine Testing Cheat Sheet

While the documentation for jasmine is great, sometimes all you need a cheat sheet to reference for the API. I found this jasmine testing cheat sheet to be very useful after doing lots of Python unit testing which doesn’t use the same API as jasmine at all. The cheat sheetRead More

Free/Open Source ELearning Management Systems: Moodle vs Sakai

Moodle and Sakai are good choices for setting up online courses and possibly for MOOCs. I’ve been looking at CoursePress, a plugin for WordPress. All solid choices and easy to get started with.

Emacs angularjs-mode v1.0 release!

I’ve finally had some time to upgrade angularjs-mode with some expandable code snippets (thanks to YA Snippets) and added auto-complete mode dictionaries. What I’ve found a pain when coding AngularJS is that you really need your environment setup well for it before you can get a lot done with it.Read More

Protractor and Dropdowns: validation