February, 2015

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Working Analog

…I make sure there’s some kind of duplicate analog version for anything that’s important. The daily planner saved me when my phone battery died and it was the only place where I could see my todo list for the day. I didn’t get a phone charge for 3 hours and those 3 hours would have been wasted if not for the Moleskine.

Getting Started with Apache Cassandra

The Software Estimation Struggle

Software estimation research is … improving estimation techniques so that sophisticated organizations can achieve project results +-5% of estimate results… …the typical software organization is not struggling to improve its estimates from +-10% to +-5% accuracy. The typical software organization is struggling to avoid estimates that are incorrect by 100%Read More

Kevlin Henney – Seven Ineffective Coding Habits of Many Programmers

Clean code is easier to read and understand which makes maintainability less of a chore.

Risk in software estimation

Plus-or-minus qualifiers. Use plus-or-minus style estimates to indicate both the amount and the direction of uncertainty in the estimate. Even when you have been forced into promising the software in an unrealistic time frame, you can let those around you know how risky the schedule is by presenting your estimatesRead More

Grunt2Gulp.js update: on the way to handling yeoman-generated Gruntfiles

The second ever issue filed for grunt2gulp.js was caused by a Yeoman-generated Gruntfile. It’s a complex file and that’s exactly what I wanted when I first created the project. The example Gruntfiles I came up with were hand-crafted and weren’t very complex. In any case, grab the latest the copyRead More